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Twin Galaxies utilizes blockchain technology for issuing NFT-based achievement certificates, streamlining processing, and increasing security and certificate access. These digital certificates are listed on the NFT marketplace,, where transactions require blockchain tokens. 

To help simplify purchases, Twin Galaxies now additionally allows people to buy certificates directly with a credit card via the Twin Galaxies Online Store by purchasing this voucher. Please note that a blockchain wallet is still required to receive the TG Certificate. Follow the straightforward steps below to make your purchase using a credit card:

Step 1: Wallet Setup

  • Once your wallet is set up, find and note your wallet ID number.

Twin Galaxies does not endorse any specific wallet; choose based on your research.

Step 2: Selection of which record you want to purchase

  • Locate your record and click the “Buy Certificate” link associated with it.

Step 3: Creating the Certificate and Minting it on

  • The "Buy Certificate" action initiates the creation of your TG Certificate as an NFT on the Polygon blockchain, which is then automatically listed for purchase on the marketplace.

Step 4: Purchase

  • Add this TG Certificate voucher to your cart and complete your purchase of the voucher here at the TG Online Store.

- A complete copy of your voucher receipt
- The URL of the certificate you want to purchase
- Your wallet ID.

  • Allow up to 72 hours for Twin Galaxies to manually transfer the certificate to your wallet. You'll receive an email upon completion.

Note: Voucher purchases incur higher costs than purchasing directly from due to administrative fees.

Step 5: Accessing and Downloading Your High-Resolution Certificate

  • Once you receive your TG Certificate in your wallet, log into your TG account, go to your leaderboard record listing, and click the “Certificate Minted” link, or alternatively, verify directly at Twin Galaxies Certificate Verification using the certificate serial number. Both methods will take you to the secure digital locker that contains the high resolution certificate for download.
  • On the digital locker page, you will be asked to connect your wallet to verify ownership to access and download the high-resolution certificate file and any additional content that has been made available in the secure digital locker. Once connected, the certificate will download automatically.

For additional detailed help and information on TG Certificates, please visit the below link:

More About Twin Galaxies Achievement Certificates

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